Monday, August 1, 2011

[Tutorial] How to secure your Wi-Fi network.

In this day and age WiFi is getting used more and more. Its easy to setup, cheap and easy to add extend upon.

But alas with using wifi there also comes some risk. As you are sending your information through the air (unlike a physical cable) it can be intercepted or unintended users could access your network.

Here are a few simple steps that will throw off your next door neighbours kid with his skid hacking tools and make your wifi network secure.


WEP stands for Wireless encryption protocol Wep is practically useless, It can be cracked within a matter of seconds using automated tools that can be downloaded from the internet. Hence why you should use WPA. WPA is more secure and takes more skill to crack.

Mac address filtering

If your router has this option, USE IT.
To find your MAC (or physical address) in the CMD command prompt type 'ipconfig /all'
Copy the physical address and paste that into your 'Allow from only selected MAC' MAC address list. This will make your router only accept traffic from the specified MAC addresses.

Disable the broadcast of SSID

SSID is the name of your network (SSID stands for standards for service set identifier), Select the option so your SSID is not broadcast or visible, People will need to type in the name of your network to join it. So if your next-door neighbour is searching for a open network they wont be able to find it and they will need the exact name to be able to join!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I shall get back to you ASAP


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