Sunday, July 24, 2011

[Hotkeys] A few hotkeys that will bost your productivity!! [windows]

Here is a list of usefull hotkeys that I use nearly every day:

Windows button+r = brings up the 'run' window

Alt+F4 = Close a window, or an application, brings up the shutdown screen if on desktop.

Alt+Tab = Cycle through open applications.

Windows button+m = Minimize all apps. VERY useful for instantly getting to your desktop!

Windows button+f = Find files/programs on your computer.

When you are in your browser you can use Ctrl+F and then type something to find that specific word on that page.

You can also hold Ctrl and scroll up/down to zoom in/out

And last but not least we have the most common shortcut that everyone should know how to use:
Copy the file/text CTRL + C
Paste the file/text CTRL + V
Cut the file CTRL + X
Undo CTRL + Z
Reverse last Undo action if possible CTRL + Y

Thanks for reading!


  1. I use Ctrl-F on webpages all the Time. Gonna have to start using that Windows-M one though...

  2. didnt know about windows button + r.

    that will be usefull!

  3. I usually use Win-D to get to my desktop. Hit it again and you're back where you were.