Monday, August 26, 2013

Send and receive FREE text messages/picture messages online? (MSM & MMS) - Too good to be true you say?

Well, after finally being able to begin to browse the internet I have found quite a few interesting and useful websites. I have come across one very useful website! This website lets you send AND receive messages via a virtual mobile phone number that you can use from your computer! This website is called, I have started using it and it seems really good! Great for those sign up's that require you to have a phone number, I don't want to be spammed by random people or share my mobile number with a bunch of random websites! Pinger is perfect for this. Just thought I would share this epic website. :) Thanks for reading!


  1. huh. pretty cool concept. will check it out...i got on some spam call list recently ugh

    1. You should see it in Australia, I get about 4 calls a day from telemarketers. Haha.

  2. Wow, that is a good find. Will be checking it out and using it

  3. I was thinking that sites like that doesn't exist...thanks for info ! :)