Friday, August 30, 2013

Ever thought about building your own computer? Well, I am and here is a few tips.

After thinking about making my own computer for literately an age I have finally started learning about what is required for someone to build their own computer.
When I first began trying to work out what I would need to learn so I can make my own computer I was scowling the internet all over the place, a lot of the time I was also given conflicting opinions on things such as Should you get a SSD (Solid state drive), use AMD or Itel and things along those lines.
BUT after a week or so, I finally found somewhere great. That said great place is a forum, named At first I thought to myself Overclock? I don't want to overclock! I just want to learn the basics first! But after creating an account and spending almost 2 hours viewing their forums and reading posts I realized this is the goldmine I have been searching for, for the past week!

There is so much useful information there it is astounding. There are plenty of posts aimed at people just like me, or you - For those who have basically no idea at all. Haha.
Just from being there for a few days, asking a few questions and reading heaps of posts I have found out more than I knew ever existed todo with building your own computer.
In the next few following posts I will be talking about my journey to, First upgrade my pile of junk computer that I currently have, to get a taste of what this is like, and to eventually build a brand new computer!

Above is my practice build - A rig that, one day, I hope to make! But probably by the time I get around to it, this will be outdated. Haha.


  1. Wow tons of info indeed, not sure I'd even want to attempt it though

  2. It's not likely that I ever will but if someone wanted to be build one for me they are welcome to (clears throat).

  3. Looks pretty good so far.

    My friend and I went through a similar process when we were upgrading my computer.