Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trying to find a PCI-E card on e-bay...

I come to you today to tell you about my journey into the realms of Ebay, to try and find a half decent GPU for my own computer. for a decent price

From my time on e-bay I have come to the conclusion that some people don't know how to shop around or just have too much money.

I was bidding on a some half decent 512MB ATI, I thought to myself, yea $20 + $10(postage) is more than enough for this card. Oh how I was wrong...

Before browsing e-bay for a PCI GPU I had a look around on www.pccasegear.com to get a idea of how much the cheaper end of the GPU market was. I found several pretty decent 1GB GPU's for about $35-40 as listed here: GPU 1 and GPU 2 Both have decent reviews too! Just to give myself I nice idea of pricing for a second hand, old, GPU so I wouldn't waste money.

This one 512mb ATI gpu beast on e-bay managed to get bidded up to $58! AUD and thats not including the $10 postage! So someone paid $68 for this second hand, potentially faulty GPU when they could have bought a band new one, with a warrenty and that performs better from pccasegear for around $55! I'm beginning to consider just buying a new one from pccasegear if things like this keep happening!

Well, at-least that's one lesson learned. I should sell more old crap on e-bay! I might just get lucky!
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  1. And that's why I stick with Amazon.

  2. you can find some good stuff on ebay but you def have to be discerning...and def look around...compare...we move too quick at times...

  3. You never know who will buy old crap haha