Monday, September 2, 2013

In the beginning...

When I first decided to upgrade my computer I thought, well, I have a decent motherboard, all I need is to upgrade my CPU and get a graphics card. - I was thinking of getting a nice AMD athlon 64 X2(dual core) 4500+, that runs around 2000-2200ghz, + a cheap 512/256mb graphics card from ebay.

Currently my computer that I want to upgrade has 64mb intergrated graphics and a 1.8ghz single core CPU (bad I know.)

I thought to myself, well this seems easy! Apparently all I need to do is get the parts and plug them in, update a driver or two and bam! My computer would be able to run some half decent older games. I was planning on spending less than $50. It seemed too easy to be true, so I asked

One thing that I forgot about was the PSU (Power supply unit - this converts AC power to DC power that a computer can use)! I totally overlooked this vital component of any computer! After a bit of research I found out that I have a OEM (basically a cheap original manufacturer type) PSU, that only has just over enough watts to run the parts that is has right now. It currently only produces a small 300 watts.

If I went ahead and tried to just plug in a GPU(graphics processing unit) without realizing about my basic PSU I would have caused all sorts of trouble...

So... The moral of this story is... Even though you might think a good graphics card, some ram and CPU are the main parts of you computer that you need to worry about.. well, you are right... Almost. BUT! You have forgot the thing that makes all of these work! The PSU! Most gaming computers now need a wopping 600-800 watts to power all of their components.

So, with that said. I now need to try and find myself a decent, cheap PSU for my old computer.
or just get a new one lol

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  1. Must have cost an arm and a leg.

  2. That is quite a bit of power indeed

  3. Thanks for visiting us! We kitties are way over our heads here, but we bet the wires are fun to play with!