Thursday, July 21, 2011

Get a VPS Completely Free!

Hello there, this is BloggerRage. I welcome you to my guide describing
the method to get a free VPS. Here is some basic information about the VPS.
Disk Space : 15GB
Data Transfer limit : 5GB
Processor : 2.2Ghz
Internet Speed : 100MBPS
Lifetime of VPS : 5 Days from registration. Hey com’n it’s free!
Please note
This VPS will not run in any domain that means you can’t run any site from this VPS. BUT, you can run
any bot, software that needs running for long time and any other of your 'special' needs!
everything you want but can’t do with your slow speed.
What you can do with this VPS:
Do heavy data transfer. I want to share one of my usages; I got a job one day to transfer a site to one
host to another host. It was a movie site that has a Database of 150MB; my download speed is 15kbps
so how can I download it to my pc then upload to the another web host? I just turn my VPS up,
download the database in 5 seconds, and upload in 2 seconds. Job done
You just need to follow two steps that’s all!
I have run a test

Step One: Starting The VPS

1. Visit this site:
2. You will see a button named “Free trial” on the top right corner
to chose, USA or UK. You have to choose one of them. Click on the desired server location.
3. You will now see a “Registration Form”. You have to fill it up.
your email and mobile phone number has to be correct.
4. After you click “Register”, they will send the password via email and SMS. Check both of them and
figure out the password. The first part of the password will be sent to email and the second part of the
password will be sent to your mobile phone.
5. Now go to the site again, chose your server location and click login.
6. Once you’re logged in with your email and password you are ready to setup your VPS.
7. You will see a box on the right hand side of the control panel n
like this:
Now c
8. You will see a server created on the left side of the control panel. Now, get its “VNC IP” and “VNC
9. Google the word “TightVNC”, download
10. Setup the software and run it. Give your server IP and it will ask for the password. Copy-Paste
password and bam! You’re on your VPS

of the page. You will see two options
Important: You can give fake name, but
e named “Create Server”. Make a server
click “Create”. Bam! Your VPS is running.
d VPS.

Step Two: Installing Operating System

11. After you login with TightVNC, a window will pop up. You will see “Windows Server 2008
installation” in it. Click “Install now”
12. Enter this serial number on the next page:
13. On the next page, you will be asked to select your windows’ edition. Select the “Data Center”
edition. Click next.
14. Agree with the agreements and click next.
15. Your OS is installing now, wait until it’s finished and restarted. Normally it takes 10-15 mins. You can
close TightVNC, watch some porn’s and login again. Remember your VPS will always running if you don’t
shut down it from Elastichost’s Control Panel.
16. After the installation is finished, you will be asked to create an Administrator account. Create it with
a good password. Must be 8 characters long, with uppercase letters and numbers.
Your VPS is created and running. Now you can run any software/bot.
1. If you want to visit websites, download anything, you should download Firefox even though there is
Internet explorer already. IE will give warnings each time you visit a site. It’s so annoying, believe me.
2. You might download TeamViwer and install, if you are having slow speed on tightVNC.


  1. Please explain what vps is, I've always wondered.