Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Guide to Proxies

Here are some tips on using proxies. I will be updating this to re-word it and make it better.

Simply send an Email to the following Email address to receive a list of proxies daily.

If your school/workplace blocks proxies/hosting sites, there is usually at least one or two that have made it past the filter in those e-mailing lists. (from my experience at a very strict college.)

Another method of gaining access to blocked websites at your work/school is to download Firefox Portable from  you will also, obviously, need a USB.

And then getting some proxies from at home or a computer that does not have filtered internet and copy a few to a text file and save it somewhere you can find later on your USB

 then add them to Firefox portable via Tools>Options>Advanced>network>(connection)Setting>Manual proxy configuration. Then pasting that information into the HTTP proxy text box.
NOTE: when you copied the proxies from they should look like this notice the :80?  This is the port number that needs to be entered next to the IP of the proxy in the text box.

Websites such as runescape,tublr,forums (or anything for that matter) banned your proxies? Give this site a visit "" , they update their list with new proxies constantly!